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About Felt

Felt is a material produced by matting, condensing and squeezing fibers together. Felt can be made of natural fibers, for example, wool or synthetic fibers like acrylic. Felt can differ as far as fiber content, shading, measure, thickness and more factors relying upon the utilization of the felt. Felt in Nepal is a blooming industry and there is a wide range of felts for industrial, specialized, designer and craft applications. While a few kinds of felt are delicate, some are sufficiently intense to shape development materials. Nepal is popular in the world for its unique and amazing handicrafts that represent culture and tradition. A similar thing can be observed with the felt items that are manufactured in the country.

Sumerian legend asserts that the mystery of feltmaking was found by Urnamman of Lagash. The story of Saint Clement and Saint Christopher relates that while escaping from persecution, the men stuffed their shoes with wool to prevent rankles. Toward the finish of their adventure, the development and sweat had transformed the wool into felt socks.

There is a huge potential of the felt industry in the context of Nepal. Handicraft is not just an industry, but it is a job opportunity for the economically deprived and less privileged youths and women. The practice of making handicraft items is popular in both urban and rural areas. This gives them a chance to live a standard life by gaining skills and experience in handmade felt products.

Talking about uses of felt in Nepal, it is used almost everywhere like in musical instruments, home construction (as felt paper), automotive industry, etc. Felt can also be used for framing paintings to avoid damage from rubbing to the edge of the painting. Many daily use accessories can be created with felt such as hats, bags, brooch, carpet, etc. These can be amazing gifts as well since Nepali handicrafts are well appreciated by many.

Abbu Handicraft and Garment fully supports and promotes the felt industry in Nepal. We help give those people appreciation and a platform to share their crafted felt items for sale. These products are durable and of high quality. We have many such products available for all kind of uses which are displayed on our main page.

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